What can you say about a gorgeous woman who loves cigars? If you don’t know The Cigar Vixen Delicia, it’s time for you to be properly introduced. This stunningly beautiful Southern California native has a passion for the cult and culture of cigars that the Midnight Smoke loves and appreciates. The Vixen was kind enough to let the Midnight Smoke know about how she came to appreciate cigars, her thoughts on The Big Smoke in Las Vegas, and what you’re most likely to find in her humidor.
What was your experience like at The Big Smoke in Las Vegas last year?
 The Big Smoke was a great experience. It was my first time attending, and upon entering, I was overwhelmed…in a good way, by all the different cigar vendors. I enjoyed cruising around and meeting so many new faces, as well as a few familiar ones! I definitely filled up my humidor with an extensive variety of sticks.  I can’t wait until next year’s Big Smoke!
How did you initially get interested in cigars?
 I grew up around men who smoked cigars. Being the tom boy that I am, I always preferred hanging out with all my uncles playing poker or drinking whiskey outside.  When I was in high school, my older brother worked at a cigar shop and I guess it just seemed like second nature to start enjoying a fine cigar whenever possible.
Who is your favorite or most memorable person you have met at a cigar event?
  I would have to say it’s a tie between Cynthia or Carlos Fuente.  I had the pleasure of meeting both at the Big Smoke and what a memorable experience it was.  First, Cynthia told me that “us women” had to stick together in this industry. I was beyond flattered that she would even hold me anywhere near her own status.  Then she gave me one of her own favorites to try, an Opus X Love Affair. What a gorgeous smoke! Carlos Fuente was so nice and approachable as well.  After introducing myself, he offered to light my stick and being so excited by the offer, I actually forgot to cut it first and placed the closed end in my mouth for him to light! This all took place in front of a small crowd who witnessed my mistake. Carlos actually took my cigar and said that “a beautiful woman deserved a beautiful smoke” and gave me an Opus X lancero. He also made sure was cut before he lit it up for me! The Fuente family is so graceful and down to earth, their cigars are  definitely  among my top 2 favorites.

Is there any particular cigar that is your favorite?
 I actually have 2 favorites… the Padron Anniversario 1964 and the Opus X petite lancero.
What types of cigars do you usually go for ?
I tend to prefer a medium bodied cigar most of the time. I usually smoke Bolivars. However, when I’m out on the town, I like more of a full bodied stick.
Do your female friends ever give you a hard time about having a passion for something usually associated with men and masculinity?
 My friends, male and female,  accept me for me as well as my passion for cigars.  Actually, many of them will smoke with me. There are a few that cough a bit around the smoke but they respect my habit.
What projects or events are you planning for the spring?
  I plan on dedicating more time to enjoying my passion of cigars by doing more reviews and visiting more lounges.  I am planning a big poker/cigar event soon, so stay tuned for details on my website.
What advice would you give to ladies who are curious about getting into the cigar lifestyle?
For the ladies who want to get into cigar smoking I would say ,”GO FOR IT”! Don’t be shy or afraid to try new things.  I’m not an expert, but feel free to use me as a resource anytime.  I have also found that many of the cigar lounge goers as well as owners will always be willing to answer any questions.

The Cigar Vixen is truly the embodiment of the culture of cigars. When Delicia enters a room, beauty, intelligence, and an appreciation and knowledge of cigars is on full display. To see more of The Cigar Vixen (and you definitely want to see more), visit her website or check out her YouTube channel. You’ll be glad you did.
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